IGNOU initiated Vertically Integrated Engineering Programme(VIEP) to create a system of education that allows students a greater choice in education. This Programme allow students who have passed the 10th Standard, 12th Standard Examinations and also those who already hold ITI certificates, Diploma, B.Sc., BCS, BCA or equivalent, to pursue a higher qualification starting from Advanced Certificate, Diploma and going up to Bachelor's Degree in Technology.

VIEP initiated by IGNOU allows students to enter the stream of technical education upon passing the 10th standard examination. In this programme a student can obtain a diploma in Engineering or a Degree in Engineering or an Advanced Certificate in Engineering from IGNOU and then exit the Programme to join an industry for employment with the option of re-entry at a later point in time for perusing a higher certification/ degree.

However, after meeting the requirements for Advanced Certificate, the student will also have the option to continue education without breaking off for employment or otherwise and earn the balance credits for obtaining a Diploma. Further, after meeting the requirements for Diploma, the students may again exercise his option of breaking of or he/ she mat choose to continue technical education towards the goal of obtaining a Degree in Engineering. Also, the student may exercise his option of stream after diploma. In effect, a student may join IGNOU-VIEP Programme after passing the 10th standard examination and remain a part of the Programme continuously for 6 years till the time he/ she gets a Degree in Engineering.

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 Commencement of the programme

The programme will commence from January 2010 preceded by an Induction / Bridge
Trimester between October-December-2009.


 Civil Engineering

 Mechanical Engineering

 Electrical Engineering

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 Computer Science and Engineering


 Diploma - 12,500/- Per Semester

 Degree - 25,000/- Per Semester

 Fee for Induction/ Bridge Trimester shall be Rs. 5000/-



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